“Let It Go”

I bet that, after seeing the title of this commonplace book (my last one!), you thought that this would have something to do with the song “Let It Go” from the Disney Movie Frozen, and understandably so since it took over the Internet for quite some time. However, I’m sorry to disappoint you; this post will be about a different song from a different Disney movie. More specifically, it’s going to be about the song “Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas from the movie Meet the Robinsons.

While I have always loved the song, recently, it’s been hitting me a little differently.

The first couple lines of the song are as follows:

Let it go

Let it roll right off your shoulder

Don’t you know

The hardest part is over?

Now the reason why these lines in particular have been impacting me more than usual is because it is currently finals season and I have just simply not done as well on my first two exams as I had hoped or expected. As a result, I have constantly been dwelling on how my poor performance on my exams will negatively affect my grades, and while I know in my head that grades are not everything and that I should think of the bigger picture, I can’t help but to continue to stress about how poorly I did.

But because I really do know that there’s nothing that I can do about it now and that it’s unhealthy for my to continue obsessing over this, I have been trying to get myself to move on from it, and these lines, among other things, have helped me try to do so.

But while these words are fitting in my situation, this is not their “original” meaning because in the movie, the “it” in the first two lines is obviously not referring to doing poorly on a final exam. However, I am able to make my own meaning due to the fact that there is absolutely no possible antecedent to “it.” In other words, you can make “it” mean whatever you want it to mean, and depending on what you choose, the message that these word convey will change slightly while still existing within the realm of the more general meaning of moving on from something and looking towards the future.

If you haven’t heard this song before, I highly recommend checking it out! I’ve linked it below.

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