Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my site! My name is Megan Joson and I am a freshman at Georgetown University. I am currently enrolled in a writing class, and so I will be using this space to share some of my work. 

Under “Commonplace,” you will find various entries in which I analyze various forms of communication and how meaning is produced in each instance.

Under “Ethnography,” you will find my thoughts on the various forms in which I write. 

Under “Built Environment,” you will find the main components of the main project of this class, which tasks us with analyzing a certain built environment and the complex local system in which it is located. For mine, I decided to map out the Dupont Circle Club, an addiction recovery center, and the greater Dupont Circle area, and so if you wish to see the various ways in which I approached this mapping, navigate over to that section.

Lastly, but certainly not least, under “Digital Archives” you will find various records that further help frame and give insight into my built environment and complex local system.