Interior Record 5

This is a closer look at two of the posters that are mounted on the wall of the smallest meeting room. The stated twelve steps and twelve traditions are specifically for alcoholics in recovery. However, similar types of posters for different types of addicts in recovery can be found throughout the Dupont Circle Club.

Interior Record 4

This is a rack of pamphlets that is found in the lobby area of the Dupont Circle Club. In addition to having general readings for anyone, there are also readings that are meant for specific minority groups: namely, women, Blacks and African Americans, and gays and lesbians. This is indicative that the Dupont Circle Club was serious when it stated that “All are welcome at DCC” in its mission statement.

Interior Record 3

This is a view of the smallest of the three meeting rooms in the Dupont Circle Club. It is the furthest from the front, and is the only room that connects to the small outside patio space that the Club has. Due to its much smaller size, it also understandably has far fewer posters and decorations on its walls than the other two meeting rooms.

Interior Record 2

This is one of the two bathrooms in the Dupont Circle Club, and it is directly connected to the meeting room that faces the street. The outer door, tile floor, and folding door in the back are all presumably the same style as when the building was first built back in 1911.  

Interior Record 1

This is what one of the walls in the Middle Room (one of the three meeting rooms in the Dupont Circle Club) looks like. As one can see, behind the line of chairs is an old fireplace that is presumably no longer in use. Above the mantel of the fireplace are two posters specifically for narcotics addicts with various languages listed around the border of each.

Exterior Record 5

This is the view down the street from the door leading upstairs to the Dupont Circle Club. Due to the immense number of businesses in the surrounding area, there is quite a bit of foot-traffic, even though this picture was taken on a Friday afternoon before most people’s work hours were over (at around 2:30pm).

Exterior Record 4

This is a view from across the street of some of the businesses that are located down the block from the building in which the Dupont Circle Club operates. While there are some small businesses in the image, there are also some more well known businesses, such as Blue Mercury, Loft, and Subway.

Exterior Record 3

This is the door that leads upstairs to the floor on which the Dupont Circle Club is actually located. On this door is the only indicator or advertisement of the Club that can be seen from the street: a small poster with the Club’s logo, name, phone number, and website address.

Exterior Record 2

This is a much closer look at the building where the Dupont Circle Club is located. From here, it is much clearer to see how faded and dirty the facade of the building as become over the years since its construction in 1911. Furthermore, from this distance one can see the engraved designs above the large windows that can really only be found on buildings built over decades ago.

Exterior Record 1

This is the view of the building that houses the Dupont Circle Club from across the street. It is a fairly old building that lacks any sort of vibrancy or modern touch aside from the space where the Lou Lou store used to be. Furthermore, there are no signs or indicators of the Dupont Circle Club’s presence there that can be clearly seen from this distance.